What is Banana TV? Banana TV lets you use AirPlay (and now AirTunes!) for your Mac as well - play video or images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher directly onto any networked Mac. It runs directly on your Mac, and is a great tool for showing off pictures or video on your Mac's monitor, at a friend's house, or the office. Even use your iOS device photo library as a presentation tool. Watch the video above to see Banana TV in action!

NOTE - Banana TV has moved to free. We will not be supporting iOS5, although the latest build DOES support Lion. You need an iPhone or iPad running greater than or equal to iOS 4.2 and less than iOS 5.0. We apologize, but keeping up with Apple's continual change of the undocumented, private AirPlay interfaces just isn't something we can continue!*

"your Mac... now a big Apple TV" - modmyi.com